he Port Chester High School Marching Band, also known as,
The Pride of Port Chester, is a program primarily supported by
the Port Chester High School Band Association,
a not-for-profit, 501 (3) (c) musical program sanctioned by
the State of New York, is widely renowned for its musical
and artistic excellence.
Our program is dedicated to promoting extra curricular
activities, as well as providing our students the necessary
disciplinary and musical instruction skills to our diversified
student body in Westchester County, New York. Indeed, it is
with great pride that our village continues to applaud their
numerous performance achievements. Their ambassadorship
includes representation of The Villages of Port Chester and
Rye Brook, Westchester County, as well as New York State.
They have performed at Disneyland and Walt Disney World,
served as honor band for two U. S. Presidents visiting
New York State; moreover, the Port Chester High School Band
had a featured role in the remake of the holiday film classic,
Miracle on 34th Street and Spiderman III.
Celebrating release of American hostages returning from Iran
Honoring the returning Desert Storm troops
NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade NYC
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 1997/2003
Bicentennial Festival of States Parade
Tournament of Roses Parade
Old Circus Day Parade (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Jr. Orange Bowl Parade, Coral Gables, FL  2003
Canadian National Tulip Festival
Indeed, a contribution in support of this unique program
would certainly be most welcomed and greatly appreciated.
Checks can be made payable to
"The Port Chester High School Band Association".
Just as important, remember the fact that no expenditures
are allocated to cover the program's administrative costs
since our parent volunteers provide all services pro bono;
therefore, all the monies go directly to the Band Program.
Scottish World Festival (Toronto, Canada)
Cherry Blossom Festival (Washington, D.C.)
Bermuda Day, Hamilton, Bermuda
500th  Anniversary of the discover of the Island   2005
Bowl Games:
FedEX Orange Bowl Half Time Show, Miami, FL 2004
Your donation will certainly help the Band, while at the same
time make an important statement to other communities,
foundations, and individuals in our Villages, County and State,
who first need to see a commitment from within our own
Hollywood Movies
Miracle on 34th Street ,  1997
Spiderman III , May 2007
If you have any questions regarding this program,
please feel free to email us.  
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USBand Nationals Class A 2018 2nd Place
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Class VI A 2019 2nd Place
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"Brass Ensemble, Color Guard, Concert Band, In-Door Percussion, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Winter Guard"
Music Festival Williamsberg / Virgina Beach
George Washington Day Parade, Alexandra.,VA   2018
In-Door Percussion Champions 2019
Fan Favorite Show Award 2019
Fan Favorite Show Award 2020
St Patrick Day Parade, Philadelphia, PA  2019
Awarded  Outstanding Musical Band