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Washington Trip
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Eileen Pellegrini <pell32@msn.com>  Feb 15 at 12:23 PM
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Good afternoon parents!

It was great seeing everyone at the Band Trip meeting this past Monday.  Attached is the
itinerary and packing list that was handed out.

Just a reminder to please be sure that your student has their pressed uniform in their
garment bag along with their suspenders, gloves, long black dress socks, Dinkles and
band t-shirt.  Kindly note that we do not have extra suspenders, so please triple check
that your student has a pair. If not, you can purchase them at Ridge Squire or Kohls.   
Limited pairs of gloves will be available if needed, they are $3.00 each.

Please be sure to have your student at the HS promptly by 8:45am.  We will be pulling
out of the HS at 9:30am.  Also, please be sure that they have lunch/snacks and
something to drink for the ride down.  As discussed at the meeting we will be stopping at
a rest stop for a very short time.  

My mobile number is 914-329-1316 should you need to get in touch while away.  
Texting is preferred, please be sure to include your name and your student's name so I
know who I am responding to.

**VERY IMPORTANT Regarding Prescription Medication from Mr. Miceli**

Hello Band Parents,

Regarding the questions towards bringing prescription medications onto the buses and trip
to D.C., I have met with Administration and the school nurse.  If your child wishes to
bring prescription medication on the trip, there are some options….

Provide written consent to me, the Band Director, for your child’s designated chaperone
to hold their medication and provide it when needed, according to the prescription.

Provide a doctor’s note explaining that this child needs to bring their prescribed

Provide a doctor’s note explaining that your child can take a “prescribed medication
holiday”, where they will take their medication Saturday morning, skip Sunday, then take
it again on Monday night.

Please contact me (Mr. Miceli) with any questions!

Mr. Miceli

(914) 934-7972

mmiceli@portchesterschools. org

Click here for schedule

Click here for packing