Somerville HS
222 Davenport ST
Somerville, NJ 08876
1.   Merge onto I-287 W via the ramp on the left to
 White Plains/TappanZee Bridge                                    go 8.9 mi

2.  Merge onto I-287 W/I-87 N
  Partial toll road                                                               go 18.3 mi

3. Take exit 15 to merge onto I-287 S/NJ-17 S toward New Jersey
  Continue to follow I-287 S Entering New Jersey             go 50.2 mi

4. Take exit 17 on the left to merge onto US-202 S/US-206 S/U.S.    
  Highway 202/206 toward US-22 W/Somerville/Flemington
                                                                                          go 1.4 mi

5. Merge onto US-22E via the ramp to New York                go 0.8 mi

8. Turn right onto Davenport ST                                          go 0.1 mi

9. Turn left   Destination will be on the left  

222 Davenport ST, Somerville NJ 08876‎
Est. 81.2 miles from PC
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