2005-Instructional Staff

Color Guard Instructors: Daren Delaney
                                              Stephanie Lubrano

Guard Design:  Darren Delaney  

Marching Instruction: Kevin Hassan
                                        Michael Coppola
                                  Molly Tittler
                                       Larry Coleman

Percussion Arranger: Michael  J. Messina

Percussion Instruction:  Michael J Messina
                                       Robert Villanova
                                   Dan Marcone
                                     Carlos Becerra
                                      William Marino

Woodwind instructor: Anthony F. Masi

Visual Design: Michael Coppola
Phantom of the Opera
Wishing you were somehow here again
Music of the Night
Band Director:                                                                          Robert C. Vitti
Assistanr Directors:                                                                   Michael Micelli, Kevin Hassan
Director of Music, Port Chester-Rye School District:                Ken Kraut
Superintendent of School, Port Chester-Rye School District:    Dr. Charles Coletti
Principal:                                                                                  DR. Mitchelle Combs P.H.D.
Band Association President:                                                     Domenic Carriero
                              2005 - Student Leaders
Student Band President:                                                          Chris Romero
Student Vice President:                                                             Juan Aguilar
Field Drum Majors:                                 Valerie Tornini, Veronica Tornini
Parade Drum Majors:                                                           Vincent DeLio
Guard Captains:                                       Cristina Pillinger, Stephaine Musto
Recent Honors
2002 USSBA New York State Champions Class 4
2002 Orange Bowl Champions Field Show & Parade
2002-2003 EMBA Champions Class 4
2003 Macy's NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade
2005 Bermuda Day, Hamilton, Bermuda
Port Chester High School Marching Band
Presents: Andrew Lloyd Webber's
              "Phantom of the Opera"